By reading this article you will get a glance of hair transplant in Ludhiana. Most importantly, I want to inform you concerning Ludhiana which is a city topographically situated in India.

This city is in the province of Punjab. If you are in a search of a city in India where would you be able to complete your hair transplant treatment effectively, at that point Ludhiana is the best choice for you in light of the fact that there are numerous facilities here that will give you great treatment at a moderate cost.

In any case, FUE hair transplant in Ludhiana is the best treatment which is offered by many hair transplant clinics. Fundamentally, FUE is Follicular Extraction Unit technique in which singular hair follicle is extracted from donor zone generally the sides or back of the head and transplanted to the recipient zone called as the beneficiary.

This procedure is completed with help of specialized extraction instrument. Hair transplant in Ludhiana will surely provide you fruitful treatment at affordable cost.

Process of FUE hair transplant in Ludhiana:

I will brief you about the methodology which is done by the specialist. Initially, your contributor zone i.e. either the sides or back of the head will be trimmed up to 1-2 mm length. On the recipient region, the specialist will give you local anesthesia to keep you away from pain.

Now, the specialist will use the miniaturized scale punching apparatus to remove hair follicles. The expulsion of hair follicles will be done in two stages. Initially, the specialist will examine the scalp skin containing the follicular units with the assistance of sharp side of miniaturized scale punch device.

The other side of the small scale punch, the hair follicles will be wound by the specialist. His assistants will expel the hair follicles delicately from your donor area with help of the instrument called as forceps. These unions are currently protected in saline.

Proper arrangement of the beneficiary region is done. Minor openings are made by the specialist to enter the hair follicles. Hair follicles are delicately set in the openings. Hence, the procedure for hair transplant gets finished.

What are the reasons for hair loss?

There are some genuine reasons which can lead you to balding. Some of these are-

Physical pressure Too much pressure can cause male pattern baldness, Infections in the scalp, less measure of vitamin B in your body, an increment in the measure of vitamin A, terrible eating routine, hereditary male pattern baldness, an inadequacy of vitamin B.

Hair transplant cost in Ludhiana:

The cost you should pay per unit will be Rs 30 to Rs 40. The cost can expand depending on your level of baldness.


The Linear scar won’t be seen. Since the device will punch little openings, so it won’t hurt you more. You will feel normal hairline.

From the specialist’s perspective, the supporting instruments will be used at least.


The fundamental drawback is time. Truly, this method requires additional time when contrasted with FUT strategy. Likewise, the cost included is more as contrasted and FUT.

Walia Hair Transplant Clinic Ludhiana:

Most importantly I would like to suggest Dr. D.S. Walia for hair transplant. Dr. Walia is MD performing medical procedures for 15 years. His centre is in Ludhiana. He is mentored by a Hair Transplant Surgeon in Colorado USA named Dr. James A. Harris. You can visit his transplant center and get your hair transplant done at affordable cost.

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